Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tied ends

I had a follow-up at the doctor today and asked about generic substitutes for Cipralex. I knew there were none, but I also knew the dubious history of the drug.

Cipralex is the brand name for escitalopram, which partnered drug companies developed after their patent for plain old citalopram expired. Without getting into the chemistry, let me explain that escitalopram is just a purer derivation of the same compound - and it could be and was patented anew while citalopram is available in generic form.

The next end to be tied is my next book. I've finally received a package from my co-author Alex and I will get to work on that soon. With luck, the book, on the B-17 bomber in the Israeli Air Force, will be out by the end of summer.

Elvi and Child Two have returned from out west. I'm taking off south with Child One next Monday. Elvi and I are looking to get away alone over the coming weekend, our only one together over a month-long span.

Boy, those last two items are repeats, eh? Sorry.

Child Three's regular season ended tonight with a game that decided whether we or our opponents would finish in second place. Our team played beautifully, I remarked to the other coach that we should frame this game and hang it in a museum. We won 5-1, with the other team scoring on a play in which one of our defencemen put the puck between Child Three's skate and the post. Oh, well. Playoffs start in a week and a half, and I'll miss the first week of them.

Lastly, I applied to be part of a study on undiagnosed ADHD. I can't even get that job. The screening ruled me out - I don't have ADHD. I'd suspected I did, but no....


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Maybe you should apply for a study on depression...

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