Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Last week was not a good one for the integrity of my integument. Yes, that's an overwrought phrase but I don't care.

When it finally snowed for good on December 7, we (by which I mean Elvi) felt it was finally time to remove the awfully heavy air conditioner from my office window.

Because it is so heavy, it takes two people to move it. I've been having a crappy December (can it really still be the mono?) and wasn't up to helping to carry the thing downstairs so we left it in the middle of the office.

Late Wednesday afternoon, I pulled myself out of bed in pitch darkness. I stumbled out of the bedroom into the equally dark office and temporarily oblivious to the air conditioner, I stumbled over it.

Elvi was home at the time and she ran up the stairs, thinking part of the house had collapsed. She found me moaning, and pulling myself off the metal box. Its sharp ridges had scraped my left shin, and sliced my right thigh. I also scraped my left forearm as I landed. All my weight had been supported by the right thigh and it was sore. It looked like this the next day:

It still looks something like that a week later, but the purple is darker and there's a yellow halo around the bruise.

Still, I had one healthy limb - until the next morning.

I was sweeping bagel sesame seeds off our butcher block with my right hand when my pinky caught a splinter. Four for four! That looked like this:

Good thing I have a blog, eh?