Saturday, September 03, 2005

Twenty stitches, each side

I just listened to the tale of the Great Minivan Rescue of Ought-Five.

Wife and Stuart borrowed my brother-in-law's jumper cables and went to the van while I slept off the three shots of Malibu that did nothing for me last night.

They started up the new van with the old van. Then they closed its door.

Let's review. Two minivans, both running. One open, one locked. In the locked minivan, one set of keys in the ignition. Two sets of keys in the purse on the front seat. Zero keys or remote-starter doodads available outside its confines to unlock it.

CAA was more than happy to help my wife, a paying customer. As the van was running, they made her a priority. There's an upside to gas costing $1.47 per liter.