Thursday, June 29, 2006

Move along

Nothing much to see here. Time to tie up some loose threads.

I haven't done much writing recently. With the summer vacation season underway, Reader's Digest (Canada) has more assignments available and I have a tough time saying no to paid work. So I work on stories of fish and logs and, in one disappointing case, material that James Randi would sadly shake his head at.

I visited my optometrist last week. He recommended an adjustment to my left, good eye - a weaker prescription, in fact. My right eye is much worse than it was two years ago, but I didn't need an optometrist to know that. My right eye has 20/400 vision, and it's only correctable with a hard lens. Even though the opthalmologist would not prescribe a single hard lens, I think it's time for a second opinion.

I handed "Sheep's End" to an actress/producer I met at Alex's book launch. That's a perspective on the story I haven't consulted yet. Alex has on his site posted some of the photos I took at the launch. You know how to get there, right?

We have six more animals in our house: three small fish and three mantises. (We had six fish, which arrived home as birthday-party loot bags. Three are now toilet treasure.) We also have some beetle larvae, food for the larger mantis. We're rejuvenating the old terrarium for the mantises.

I haven't given a baseball update in a while. I think only my brother cares. Nevertheless....

My team sits in fourth place, but is only five points out of first. Frank, in first, is there because of two unnatural phenomena: Tom Glavine and Alfonso Soriano. While Frank just added Roger Clemens, it won't be enough to keep him on top.

I've had a swarm of injuries to my pitching staff, which is now anchored by John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, and Odalis Perez. I've managed to maintain a decent WHIP, but my ERA is unusually high. I'm falling behind in wins, too. On the bright side, Woody Williams is back this week and I snagged Chuck James at the June 1 roster adjustment. Our next draft is tomorrow. There are seven moderate-quality players available, in my opinion, so I'll be able to juice my lineup more than the teams above me. I don't think I'll get Jorge Julio or Matt Kemp, but Alay Soler should be waiting for me.

.292 batting average (1st)
133 HR (2nd)
503 RBI (1st)
59 SB (7th)
4.73 ERA (7th)
1.39 WHIP (4th)
35 wins (8th)
17 saves (6th)


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