Monday, October 02, 2006

And the winner is...

All of us. No one. The Irrational League season ended in a three-way tie.

Although, had Sportsline applied the scoring correction to Greg Maddux's stats, I would have been in first place alone.

Still plugging away on coursework....

Bonus observation on television:

On DMcG's recommendation, I gave Showcase's Rent-A-Goalie a go.

Let me steal from my own comment on DMcG's blog: I watched - half the episode, anyway.

I was bored. Maybe there were just too many goalies hanging around. I liked Shorts, but Lance was cardboard. The squirrel-catcher seemed like an inconsistent mix of nut and understanding. The situations seemed forced.

Maybe there were just too many goalies hanging around. Maybe a more expensive set would help. It just doesn't compel me to come back.

Here in Canada, we get "Studio 60" on Sunday nights, and it followed the timeslot of "Rent-A-Goalie". You know what I noticed is a major difference between the shows? Foley artistry.

Sounds odd, but when Matt looks through papers in his writing office at Studio 60, I hear him look through papers. When Cake serves coffee at the cafe in "Rent-A-Goalie", I only saw him serve coffee. The sound, if there, was insignificant.

Is sound a key to attractive TV? Couldn't hurt.


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