Wednesday, March 28, 2007


They say the relief of stress is a trigger for migraines. I finished the S-199 book this morning and I have one heck of a tension headache, but I don't think they're related.

In addition to the book, I've been busy finding crew for Alex's short film. We'll be filming in late May. I surprised myself on this - I've already got a list of 28 volunteers. I used a Craigslist ad, but also worked the phones and the community. Feel free to hire me to do the same for you.

I'm saddened that no one has stepped forward with an image or video of Antonia Maioni and her unruly head of hair. No one else even seems to have noticed it. What's wrong with you people?

I was doubtful that this week's provincial election had killed separatism, but the head of the PQ has come out and said that it's a dead issue. At long last, politics in this province look to shifting from the issue of French humiliation toward a more reasonable social focus.

The partners in the minority government for now seem to be the Liberals and the ADQ - the parties with the most and second-most seats will unite to freeze out the newly third-party PQ. It's an odd alliance, but natural in that the Liberals are centrist, the ADQ is conservative, and the PQ leans left. Perhaps the PQ leader's statement has more to do with realigning his party to become a more acceptable partner to the Liberals. It really has been a fascinating election, even for jaded ol' me.

Enough of that.

At home, my wife has gone insane. I'm not sure she looks at it as work or fun, or something else entirely, but she has decided to catalogue all our books. We have roughly eight walls of books, plus about an equal amount in boxes. You can see her efforts here.

Last night, Child Two volunteered to help out. Insanity is catching.

Passover's approaching, and while Jews around the world argue whether beans, pot and/or hemp may be consumed during the holiday, I offer you a song:

I opened my office window today for the first time this year. Passover may be the Festival of Spring this year, but I'll be living the Festival of Beach this year as I take Children Two and Three to spend ten days with my dad on Friday.


Blogger Elvi said...

Sweet. I like the video. And I'm not insane. We all have our own little OCD manifestations, dear.

March 29, 2007 10:55 PM  

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