Monday, July 09, 2007

Kid at the jazz fest

The wife, the sister-in-law, the sister-in-law's friend, the mother-in-law, and I went down to the catch an act at the tail end of the Jazz Fest last night. I'm not much for live music, but I do enjoy the people watching. While the ladies braved a massive crowd to watch a screen that showed the action taking place down the block, I sat on a grassy slope and observed.

I spotted Kevin McDonald trying to get closer to the stage. The Kids in the Hall will be reuniting for a show at Just for Laughs, but Kevin was at the fest with an unfamiliar man. He climbed the slope and disappeared from sight.

I might have been the only person to recognize him but who knows. Montrealers are famous for letting famous people have their privacy. I saw him again later on the plaza atop Place des Arts. Like the ladies, he must have given up trying to see the stage - or like me, he must have given up trying to appreciate the Algerian cacaphony on it.


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