Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fun with bad journalism

In the past, I've brought some awkward moments in journalism to light for your amusement.

Here's more, from Regret the Error, a blog devoted to entertaining newspaper and magazine corrections. The site presents Crunks '07, its list of top corrections over the past year. Don't miss the link to the same site's 2007 Plagiarism/Fabrication Round-Up.

The Get It in Writing Blog offers us a similar selection of unfortunate juxtapositions in online media and outdoor advertising. I love the lickable dumpster.

Bonus mini-rant:

The Gazette has an article on union reps who addressed the Bouchard-Taylor Commission on xenophobia accomodation of foreign cultures in Quebec. One union president, representing 150,000 workers, suggested Quebec needs a fundamental law that sets public institutions, laws, and governments are neutral with respect to religion. She told the commission that such a law would mean that employers and schools would not have to permit Muslim attire. I wonder how she and her members would react when they realized that such a law would raise the question of the official government holidays of Christmas and Easter (the government long ago changed Fete St. Jean Baptiste to the Fete Nationale...). To its credit, the anti-English Societe St. Jean Baptiste is against the idea.


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