Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I wish I had a camera

One that worked, anyway. Our front yard has a lot of snow. I think it peaks at about ten feet, all shoveled by hand.

I remember huge mountains of snow when I was a kid, but those were helped by the snowblowers that used to blow the snow onto our lawn. Those were the days. Now it takes a crew of six to clear half a road.

We got another 30 centimeters of snow Saturday and Sunday. Child Three and I braved the leading edge of the storm to watch a Novice B playoff game, the winner of which would play us Sunday morning. The NDG team lost in what may have been the most exciting game I've ever seen. The Ahuntsic Bruins went into the third period up 1-0, but the NDG Jaguars scored quickly and then added more, going up up 3-1 with about five minutes left in the game.

But the Bruins came back with a goal a minute later, then scored again to tie it. Overtime solved nothing. A Bruin player put in the first of the shootout attempts and no one scored in the other five.

Our game was 9:30 Sunday and the roads were an absolute mess. We'd parked one van on the street but the plow packed it in good. Digging out the driveway was easier. I picked up a player and his family on the way and made it to the rink a half-hour before game time.

We played a tight game against the Bruins. Our third and fourth leading scorers didn't show, which is worse than it sounds because those two kids are two of our most reliable backcheckers. They were our two skaters at the Hockey Montreal all-star game.

We had nine skaters and a goalie in total. The three defencemen we had played their best game all year. We had fewer than six shots on offense, but we took a squeaker 2-1 to advance in the winners' bracket.

Elsewhere in my life, I continue to put in long hours for showbiz. I have a day off tomorrow, which will let me correct assignments, teach a class (sorta - it's mostly a workshop now), scan and send expense receipts, find a place to get Alex more business cards, and write a letter to my lawyer so that he can give me some money he owes me (and is quite willing to send me).

Now, I have some notes from today to coalesce into my usual brilliant synopsis.


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