Friday, May 23, 2008

Life v. work

I am cracking down on writing this biopic, but it's tough with this week's interruptions.

Sunday night, I took Child One to her bass lesson.

Monday I got quite a bit done until 3:00 when I had to leave to do carpool. Tuesday was another decent work day, again until afternoon carpool. Once I get home from carpool, I have all three (more or less) kids in the house and I do homework with them or they're on a computer making beeping noises. I can't accomplish anything when they're here. I have to wait for them to sleep.

Wednesday morning was cut short by an interview. I was the subject, not the director as the wife and I met with the rabbi of a synagogue we're joining. One thing I can't do is work for an hour - I need long stretches to be productive - so by the time I got home, Wednesday was shot. Thursday I got some more done, until carpool. Today, I attended an school assembly in which Child Two performed, then went shopping for a Nintendo DS Lite and some games for Children Two and Three. I didn't get much done.

I'm sitting at the end of an alleged five-day workweek with about seven pages written, and six good ones. That's not too bad when you consider how many hours I actually have to work and the research-heavy nature of this story.

I have T-ball to (assistant) coach Monday and Wednesday evenings. Child Three is playing summer hockey Friday evenings. I'm playing hockey Wednesday evenings (yes, a little conflict there) and Friday nights. And somewhere in the remaining space we'll slot a weekly T-ball practice.

Next week, I start teaching my summer course....


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