Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quick hits

Batman style!

CBS just bought CNet. Nobody can figure out why. Proposed new shows include "How I Met Your Motherboard", "I Love Linux", "Office", "Everybody Loves Redmond", "The Where Do You Want To Go Today Show", and the new Sunday night anchor, "60 Megabytes". Seriously though, CNET owns and operates the domains,, and Start puckering up to kiss the sites you love goodbye.

Elvi has posted some photographs taken last weekend while we entertained our Japanese guests. You can browse her album here. I'm not sure why they all make V signs with their fingers for photos. Maybe they're all in the same triad.

The hockey last night showcased players with a wide range of skills. I fell somewhere in the middle, but the wingers I played with did not. I did a lot of backchecking.... The new LCC rink is very warm inside and the ice is soft and tiring. Granted, the temperature peaked near 30 degrees yesterday, but we will be playing hockey there all summer. It's so nice to play so close to home. If I still had two wheels on my hockey bag, I'd walk to and from games there.

This blog has achieved further Google domination for another odd search. We're number one if you Google for "passover for idiots" (with or without the quotation marks). Next stop: Tu B'Shvat for 'tards.


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