Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two mysteries

I used to have a vague recollection about a TV show I remembered from my childhood. Not until I was working on some blurb for Netsurfer Digest was I able to focus the memory. It was "The Banana Splits Adventure Hour". The show went off the air when I was four and a half, so it's no wonder my memory was hazy.

While I was working on Netsurfer Digest in the mid '90s, I saw another TV show. I don't remember what it was, but instead of an odd sense of the entire show, of this one I remember distinct snippets. I know it exists. Elvi and my youngest brother, who was visiting us at the time, and also saw this show - but they only remember as much as I do.

It was a comedy sketch show, I think - but not on a stage. The snippets I remember involved a fake documentary on shark research. One of the hot research assistants(?) was said to have appeared in Butts Up and Cherry Lick magazines. I remember those titles distinctly.

The researchers were chasing or being chased by some kind of nerd or geek shark. The bit used a clip of a shark with all kinds of teeth sticking all kinds of ways out of its mouth, with "guh huh guh huh guh huh" as a voiceover.

Google turns up no clues. In fact, I predict this post will soon be on the first page for a Google search for "nerd geek shark". If any one out there in the Intardnet remembers this show, please relieve our pain.

My second mystery involves this photo, which comes from the new Google archive of photos from Life magazine. Is the airplane in this shot a Spitfire or a S-199? I think it's a Spit, but I'm not 100% sure.

Bonus magazine death:

Good-bye, PC Magazine. Oh, and welcome to the ICU, Forbes.


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