Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two great tastes

I've talked about LogMeIn before.

I still use and love it. My only qualm is that it is vulnerable to a second user. I have LogMeIn installed on my user on my Mac, but I have also set up a user for my kids. If the kids user is the active on on my Mac, I can't use LogMeIn to access my user on the Mac from my PC laptop, say.

The free version of LogMeIn does not allow you to transfer files between the distant computer and the one you're using in front of you, so what I have done if I need to get a file is e-mail it to myself on the distant computer and retrieve it locally in Gmail.

Recently, I discovered a fantastic service that works in tandem with LogMeIn to provide a complete experience. Dropbox is a combination of network and software. It acts like a folder on your hard disk, but in reality it is free FTP space that's as easy to use as a folder on your hard disk. You can share files with anyone you choose - and of course that includes through a Web interface, yourself on another machine, even on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You get 2 GB with every free Dropbox account. You can pay to get more.

I've used it to transfer PDFs to my iPod and to share episodes of House with my daughter. Combined with LogMeIn, I have a fantastic and free communications tool that does just about everything I need for a home network or during travel.

Bonus question:

Does anyone have experience with Megaupload or similar services that appear to be easing torrents out of the picture?


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