Thursday, August 25, 2005

Josa's angry

I have heard nothing from ACTRA, but Josa called to chew me out. The producers are angry, and have vented their rage at her.

Josa is the source of all of this, so rather than have me remind you of that a dozen times, just keep that in mind.

The producers claim that my kids should never have had speaking parts and should never have qualified for more than background pay. The producers blame the kids' expanded role on miscommunication with the Chinese director and crew - and, I assume, by extension on Thom the 1st AD. Regardless, that's not an issue my kids, Josa, or I need to compensate for. That's an issue the producers need to solve in-house, possibly by being on-set.

Josa was angry because she claims I went over her head to ACTRA. She says I should have come to her with the problem first, written an e-mail or called. She has a point. I did go over her head. I pointed out to her that I did complain about the classification and pay when I spoke to her last week about the $100 per. In her mind, that was not enough, and I should have pressed the issue. I thought I had....

Josa claimed I was putting my kids' careers in jeopardy. It was a version of "you'll never work in this town again!" "Careers?", I thought. She asked if the kids were still interested in the lessons, but not so much as a saleswoman as in an implied threat.

We spoke for a while. The conversation started acrimoniously, but by the end we understood each other's positions. She was angered by the heat the producers put on her, and she needs to maintain a working relationship with them. I rocked the boat, too hard in her opinion. She thought all had been settled when I agreed to the $100 payments. I thought I had made clear that I and others thought he children deserved more.

As it stands, the children will get actor pay, but may not get a credit. Considering that actors need to pay dues to ACTRA ($350 a year) once they accumulate four credits, the result may be the best possible outcome.


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