Sunday, August 21, 2005

A night out, and a Wikipedia skirmish

I caught a Disciples of Ursula Big Band show last night. I've seen that band live more than any other, primarily because my wife plays is the band's clarinet player. You can buy their music at the iTunes Music Store. They started as a swing band, but the repertoire has expanded to more rock-y tunes, world beat, and other variations on the genre. The kid on the cover of the album is Child Three, when he was two years old.

Looking over my list of things to get done on Friday, I note that I still haven't put any words toward the "101" treatment. It's building, though. Some day this week, it will explode, and all spill out through my fingertips onto my keyboard. I don't feel like I haven't been working on it.

I found the call sheet from last week's shoot. I thought I must have lost it, but it was stuck to the back of a notebook. The kids' mother was played by Anna Papadakos. The 1st AD is Thom Parkinson. My children are listed in a category titled "Extras & Atmosphere".

Our friend Stuart is visiting us. He is a one of two degrees of separation between me and Linus Torvalds. He shares space in a Borland Paradox Easter egg with my wife.

Stuart arrived with two T-shirts I bought from the 101 Squadron CafePress shop, one for me and one for Child Three. They look really nice. You should buy 37 of them. And a few thongs.

Speaking of things and thongs 101, I added some details to Wikipedia's Avia S-199 page, but some mathematician in Mexico nicknamed Drini insists on stripping out my contributions. I've followed Wikipedia since its inception and in fact did some work on it for Reader's Digest (Canada) this summer. The one huge drawback of Wikipedia is its pocket dictators, like this Drini. Lesser visited pages fall under the spell of jealous guardians who brook no opposition, no dissent. It stops being an open-content project and turns into a series of gated communities. It's no skin off my nose, and if he wants his little empire, I'm not going to fight him on it any more than I have.


Anonymous drini said...

Gee. Just a small mistake here
[] which was undone shortly afterwards with no opposition from me.

Interesting indeed. I'm a little dictator.

September 27, 2006 4:50 PM  

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