Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wikipedia footnote and 101squadron.com

Believe it or not, 101squadron.com doesn't quite match Amazon.com in visitors. Nonetheles, I still track visitors, mostly to learn how they come to find my site. Webring has been a winner so far, but in addition to sprucing up Wikipedia's Avia S-199 article, I also planted my URL in the articles for "Supermarine Spitfire", "1948 Arab-Israeli War", and "Israeli Air Force".

After only one day, visitors lured to my site from Wikipedia already make up more than a quarter of all my visitors who visit through links. They arrived primarily from the "1948 Arab-Israeli War" and "Supermarine Spitfire" articles, which now rank one and tied for second in referrals. I thought this might happen - I saw a big bump when some kind soul mentioned my site in the Wikipedia obituary to Ezer Weizman earlier this year.

I'm going to keep an eye on this. If traffic stays high, maybe I'll find the motivation to finish converting my site completely to CSS format, and finish the pilot biographies.


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