Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mishaps old and new

Scott the Reader (Alligators in a Helicopter) asked me during an online chat if I ever defeated the invading mice. I do owe all you fans of conflict an update on that.

We left a trap behind the TV cabinet, and it was untriggered when I returned from my ten or so days in California. I've moved it to a small built-in cupboard on the stairway landing where we'd also found a sprinkling of droppings. Two weeks later, it also remains untouched. If I had to jump to conclusions, I'd say we've defeated the invaders.

Oh, and my toenail has just about grown entirely back.


Sorry for the interruption. My mom just called to wish me a happy birthday.

Elvi and I went out last night to celebrate. All the kids went off on sleepovers, so we didn't even have to spring for a babysitter. We went out for decent sushi at Sho-Dan. The standard sushi fare was good, but the dish we really enjoyed was the one specialty dish. I forget which one we ordered, but it was tuna, shrimp, something tempura, and more, wrapped in soy leaf, served with a spicy thick sauce. It was delicious, worth the $15 a plate.

We went out on the town after the meal to a club with a clientele that was entirely younger than us, but we're so hip, we didn't feel that out of place. I'm about 5'3" and Elvi is about 5'9" and she was in heels, so that accentuates the difference. As we were leaving, a girl in an oversized-houndstooth-pattern dress named Sophia came over to introduce herself. She said that "we" all loved the cute munchkin. I don't know if the "we" referred to a small group of friends or the entire club.

We came home to an oddly smelling house - odder than usual. Elvi found that the dog had thrown up on the mat by the patio door, but I knew that wasn't what I smelled. The dog had had diarrhea upstairs. The hall carpet was covered in it. Since it was my birthday, Elvi cleaned it up. What a gal.

Bonus "Time and Space" update:

"Time and Space" continues apace. Marior has bought props, put casting ads on Craigslist, and has contacted a composer about a score.

Nearmiss and I wrote one small additional scene, just a visual, really, with no dialogue, although we prelapped some existing dialogue into the scene. Marior wanted the scene, so we wrote it.

PepsiCo seems favourably disposed to letting us use Mountain Dew as a prop (the lead is a geek who drinks it) and may even shovel a few dollars at us. We'll also be asking DC to let us use "The Dark Knight Returns" as a prop (the lead works in a comic-book store). If DC says no, we'll make something up. The story benefits from all the authentic touches we put in, but we can always mock up a fictional collectible comic.


Anonymous maya said...

time and space sounds like its coming along nicely.

dogs leaving messes on carpets is always the best birthday present.

happy birthday laurie!


January 16, 2006 12:42 PM  

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