Saturday, August 04, 2007

Unusual week

The wife was out of town and the girls are in camp, so Child Three and I spent this week alone - well, if you discount all the animals.

Monday, our fourth-place (of four) T-ball team laid a beating on the first-place team to win the first playoff game. The other coach expressed his admiration at our players' play. They did play well. They've improved much more than I had expected.

Thursday I dropped him at a babysitter while I attended a meeting of screenwriters. I met some fun people, and had a few productive discussions. I had managed to beat out 15 pages of script earlier in the day, and I wonder if the get together spurred me on.

Yesterday, I took the boy to see "Transformers". It was the best Michael Bay-directed film I've ever seen. I had trouble following the action, but I'm probably just getting old. I'm still not sure how or, more specifically, why Megatron bought it. The sequence in which the Autobots hide in the yard from Sam's parents for me was by far the best part of the movie. The comedy helped.

The wife returns in a few hours.

Bonus fantasy baseball update:

I spent my monthly pick-up on Tad Iguchi, once Teixeira and Wigginton disappeared. It has paid off well so far, as has last month's pick of Milton Bradley, and I spent half the week in the money, in third place. Less glorious so far is my trade of Austin Kearns for Conor Jackson.

The injury bug has bitten, though: Bradley, Beltran, Chris Young the pitcher, and Chris Sampson all have lost or will lose time. I'm so close to picking up points in the hitting categories and ERA. I'm currently half a point out of third, two points out of second, and five and half points out of first.

.264 batting average (9th)
167 HR (3rd)
666 RBI (5th, 13 RBI out of 3rd)
85 SB (tied 6th, 2 SBs out of 4th)
3.87 ERA (2nd)
1.28 WHIP (1st)
53 wins (5th)
25 saves (7th)


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