Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In my absence, our Novice B Cougars played their first playoff game, against a team we'd faced three times this year including tournaments.

In our first encounter, we won 8-1, in our second 6-2 (I think), and last time 4-1. Detect a trend?

Well, the trend held. As our head coach described it to me, "Probably the worst game we have played. (Child Three) saved our butts, he played great. It will be nice to have you back - hopefully you can help us get back on the right track."

The final result was a 2-1 win in overtime. Zoiks! I don't know what happened, but our boys were not the team that scored 100 goals in 18 league games this year.

The Monitor had a write-up of NDG playoff hockey that featured a photo of our team after our tournament victory. Can you spot me? (Hint: only barely because the nine-year-olds are almost taller than me.)

The next playoff round sees us host the Chiefs (no, not those Chiefs), who battled us to a 2-2 tie and then lost to us 3-2. We'll need more goals than the lone regulation tally in the first game.

Bonus countdown:

37 hours and falling.


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